Omnichannel Growth Marketing

Deeper Individualized Audience Connection

What is Omnichannel? 

Your current and future customers will engage with your brand and products in various ways based on unique needs and preferences. So whether it’s email on a computer, browsing your site on a tablet, or interacting via a mobile app or social media on a phone, they want the experience to be smooth and consistent, regardless of the channel or device. Our omnichannel growth marketing masters leverage the latest technology and our years of experience to unify and personalize your audience messaging and interactions across multiple channels, devices, and touchpoints.

Why is Omnichannel Important?

A well designed omnichannel strategy effectively implemented, faithfully executed, & continually optimized and expanded, adds rocket boosters to your business:

  • Maximize revenue, retention, and lifetime value
  • Generate new customers and save more cart abandons
  • Save users from canceling and win back those that have
  • Increase customer product activity and engagement
  • Real-time messaging and web-based triggers
  • Strengthen your customer service experience
  • Improve dunning/payment issue resolution
  • Integration w 3rd party tools you rely on
  • Ongoing split testing and optimization
  • Increase mobile app uptake
    …. and more

Our Omnichannel Services 

  • Strategy Development & Data Planning
  • Technology Assessment & Implementation
  • Workflow / Campaign Creation & Management
  • Audits of Existing Omnichannel Programs 
  • Ongoing Split Testing, Optimization, Expansion
  • Email, Mobile Push, In-App, SMS, Web Push
  • Design, HTML/CSS, Copywriting, etc
  • 3rd Party Integrations (Ex: Amplitude, Recurly, Slack, Twilio SMS, Zapier, etc.)

Our Omnichannel Process

Step 1: Discovery, Analysis, and Strategy

We do a deep dive with each client to clearly understand their business, products, audience, goals, challenges, opportunities, and data structure.

Through this collaborative process, we outline a custom omnichannel strategy that fits your unique needs to achieve the results you desire.

Step 2: Technology Assessment and Integration

We will identify the omnichannel technology best suited to your needs, along with the strategy we’ve outlined, and do the technical integration.

As part of this, we will develop and implement a data strategy to give us relevant and actionable data points necessary to fully leverage the power of omnichannel.

Step 3: Workflow & Campaign Ideation, Design, Implementation

During the strategy and technical implementation phases, we will begin to craft ideas and concepts about potentially relevant workflows, campaigns, and messaging.

In Step 3 we will get into the details to more fully flesh out those initial ideas and concepts, identify others, prioritize them, and then begin building, implementing, and managing them.

Step 4: 3rd Party Integrations

There are a variety of 3rd party tools, some you likely already use, that integrate with omnichannel platforms creating powerful synergies that extend the value of omnichannel even further. (Ex: Amplitude, Recurly, Slack, Twilio, Zapier, etc.)

We will work with you to identify those that are relevant and get them integrated.

Step 5: Ongoing Analysis, Optimization, Expansion

Developing a powerful, successful omnichannel program is an ongoing endeavor.

We will keep your omnichannel engine at peak performance, continually analyzing, optimizing, and expanding it.

Omnichannel will become a core part of your business and we will be there every step of the way!

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