Reputation Management

Positive Reviews = Increased Success

Better Reviews, Higher Rankings, More Conversions

Your digital reputation means everything in the online world and can be your greatest ally or worst enemy depending on whether it is positive or negative.  We’ll help you take charge of your online reputation, cultivating positive reviews and sharing them strategically throughout the internet. This will strengthen your SEO, driving you to the top of search results, further increasing your credibility, winning you more web visitors, leads, customers, and revenue.

  • 70% of customers leave reviews when asked to
  • 84% of users trust reviews similarly to personal recommendations
  • Positive reviewers are twice as likely to stay loyal and refer you to others
  • 82% of search engine users click the highest reviewed result on top of the first page

Active Review Curation

Outwit Media gives you an easy, stress-free solution to request and remind customers to give reviews to your business on the sites that make the most difference.  Customers often don’t know which review sites you are listed on so we simplify it by making you a professional review page that your customers can access with one click and easily rate their interaction with your business.  Customers that give positive feedback are then encouraged to write a review about your business and provided direct links to the review sites that matter most to you.  Customers expressing a negative or neutral interaction with your business will be encouraged to write you directly instead of leaving an online review, giving you a chance to fix any issues and recover them.

Recover Customers

The review funnel is designed to get you another opportunity to identify and address customer issues prior to them posting a negative review online. If a customer gives negative feedback they are presented with a web form asking them about their concerns.  This form goes directly to you, instead of to a review site, providing you an opportunity to fix the customer’s issue privately.  You now have the chance to turn this negative customer experience into a positive one, keeping your online reputation in outstanding shape!

Front and Center

Along with helping you receive tons of great reviews, Outwit Media will also put them to good use!  We will display top reviews prominently on your website and on your social media pages.  We will put your excellent reputation on display whenever people search for you online.  Our system provides a real-time review stream so that positive reviews can be published asap!

See Everything

We’ve all been influenced by negative reviews, often causing us to reconsider a potential purchase.  Our industry leading reputation management system sends alerts to you whenever a new review is posted about your business anywhere online.  You’ll be able to quickly respond just by clicking a link in the alert. Many of our clients have Outwit Media respond for them, working with your business and the reviewer to turn any negative experience into a positive one.  We will send you monthly reputation reports that are clear and easy to read, providing you actionable info and data about your online reputation.

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