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Every day potential customers use search engines looking for what you have to offer, so it is critical that your business shows up where and when they are looking.  Did you know that websites found on the 1st page of a Google search result get 90% of the traffic, with most going to the top five listings?  So, if you’re not found towards the top of Google’s 1st page across as many relevant keywords as possible, you are losing out on a ton of new customers to your competition.  Outwit Media will help you dominate the competition by maximizing your exposure at the top of these search engine results.

Let’s Get Technical

When SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done right, it creates hundreds of corresponding signals that are monitored and picked up by search engines, helping them know that your website is THE top authority on the topics, services, and/or products you cover.  This results in your website getting 1st page rankings on Google, map apps, mobile, and other search engines, which will drive serious growth in your website visitors, leads, customers, and revenue!

Is It Worth the Time and Effort?

  • 95% of people use Google to find local businesses
  • 80% of search traffic goes to the top 4 search results
  • 75% of people never look beyond the 1st page results
  • 72% of businesses that use SEO see increased revenue

If you aren’t using SEO or aren’t implementing it properly then you are definitely missing out on big opportunities to grow your business and increase your revenue.

Leverage Our Skills

  • A team of 100% US-based gurus (never overseas)
  • You get full ownership of all SEO deliverables
  • Free additional keywords after 60% front page rankings
  • On-page SEO included (other SEO’s charge extra)
  • Analysis of your top competitors shapes our strategy
  • Team compensation is tied to reaching your growth goals

Laser Focused Targeting

We will leverage our extensive research expertise and collaborate with you to identify the keywords and search terms that will win you more of the visitors, leads, and customers you like best; high-margin, low headache, and loyal.  Our team of analysts will pinpoint keyword search terms that we can win on and have enough search volume to drive you the increased visitors and revenue you’re looking for.  Additionally, we will implement advanced geo-targeting techniques to make sure your ideal local audience can find you.

Link Building

Other websites linking to yours gives you credibility with the search engines. However, links from spammy websites or those with unrelated content to yours negatively impact your search rankings.  Your website needs to be associated with other high-quality sites with related content.  Avoid SEO services or companies that promise a lot of backlinks for a low price. We will review your current backlinks, propose any needed cleanup, and source new appropriate backlinks to take your sites search rankings to the next level.  Creating and consistently executing on a proper link building strategy is critical to SEO success but is not included by many SEO agencies.

Directory Success

Great local SEO demands the creation, optimization, and maintenance of your business information (citations) on numerous website directories including Google My Business, Facebook, Yellowpages, Yelp, and others.  We will make sure your business has the best placements, along with consistent, accurate business information on important online directories. Further, we will optimize your Google maps profile to get customers calling you on the phone or coming directly to your door.

Caution: Avoid agencies or services that promise search ranking advancement in less than 4-6 months.  They are likely using techniques against Google’s suggested methods and terms of service. While such “Black Hat SEO” techniques may boost search rankings temporarily, Google and other search engines will eventually catch on and penalize you, damaging your search rankings and ability to gain new customers for years.  Our SEO services use only “White Hat SEO” techniques, which are 100% compliant with Google terms of service.

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